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Version Control Blues

May 15, 2011 18:52:16.000

I'm supposed togive an overview of Store usage tomorrow, and I wanted to set up a personal repository (the main work one can be slow, as it's across the WAN, whether I'm in my home office or in Dallas). I was going to use PostgreSQL (I use that on my Mac), but the Windows machine is fully locked down - I don't even have local admin.

Fortunately, SQLlite doesn't require admin access - just the dropping of a dll into a working directory. Unfortunately, this is where I ran into a few interesting issues with version control. We are on VW 7.6 at work, so I wasn't sure whether "loading the latest" from the public repository would work (and it's a tiresome process, involving a load on my Mac, copying to a USB stick, shuffling the stick... rinse repeat until it works). Here's what I was looking at, just for the EXDI level access:

Note the lack of references to a specific VW version. What I ended up doing was firing up a base VW image for VW 7.6, looking at the timestamp in the transcript, and making guesses as to what would work in 7.6 based on that. Less than an exact science, that. I guess it's something that all of us who publish to the public store should keep in mind.

posted by James Robertson

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