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Getting the Comments for a Store Publish

January 13, 2011 14:33:17.471

You would think that getting the version comment for a package or bundle you've published to Store would be simple - there's a method called #versionComment right there in Pundle - but you would be mistaken. No, that's not the comment you type into the text field when you publish.

Why do I care? Well, as part of my build automation work, I'm generating a small report, and part of that report involves pulling out the comment for a published package. That takes more work to get at than you might think:


pkg := (Store.Package withName: 'PkgNameHere' version: 'versionStringHere') first.
blessing := (Blessing 
				blessingsForRecordID: pkg  primaryKey
				type: pkg  typeStringForBlessing) first.
comment := blessing getCommentString.


Just tracing Store code to figure that out was painful; the comparison tool Version Browser doesn't make it obvious. Then there's the whole head scratching nature of "why isn't there a method that does this for me in Pundle?" Anyway, that does the job I wanted, and now I have that bit of my reporting task handled.

posted by James Robertson

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