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The Joys of Breaking Updates

January 10, 2011 10:15:02.087

Over the weekend, I let Parallels update itself - and that turned out to be a mistake. Prior to the update, Fallout New Vegas worked just fine in my XP VM; after the update, it crashed as soon as the intro screen started to render. This is what I call a bad thing :)

I figured that I have backups - Time Machine runs regularly, so I'd just do a restre and be done with it. Not so fast, apparently - just overwriting what was in Applications with the old version stopped Parallels from working at all. Things had gone from bad to worse.

So, I dug through my emails (gmail search ftw), and found the original download link. I grabbed that, and let it download overnight (I'm on slow hotel bandwidth here). This morning I fired up the installer, gave it a firm no to all of its requests to update, and voila - my XP VM launched, and the game runs again. I archived the dmg on an external drive, so that after the next update I have an easy place to walk back to.

Why don't I still have the original download, you ask? Well, I do - on a hard drive sitting in my home office, 1200 miles away :)

posted by James Robertson

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