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New Image Format?

October 2, 2010 12:43:09.206

Google is trying to push a new image format - WebP:

Images on the web in this format — which CNET reports will be officially announced later today — will have smaller file sizes, load faster and relieve a lot of overclocked networks. They won’t necessarily look better — WebP images are as “glossy” as JPEGs — but the files might be around 40% smaller than JPEG files.

I see inertia as the sticking point here. All of the tools people use to save images (I use Preview on the Mac for most of that, because it's "good enough" for the stuff I post) - will have to support the new format. Before they do that, the various developers of these tools will have to see a compelling need. Then, the various users of those tools will have to upgrade or update.

Given all that, I see inertia being a real problem.

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posted by James Robertson

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