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LaunchPad Updates

September 10, 2010 19:12:39.088

The engineers are enhancing the LaunchPad (I did a screencast on that here) - here's a snippet from an email to our development list:

For those of you who are using the VisualWorks Projects desktop shortcut, Applet or shell script, the LaunchPad application has been enhanced to create/manage an image signature file so that we can determine the particular VW installation that was used to create your Project image. The image signature file is specific to the current user, and will be created the first time a new Project is created by the LaunchPad from the current build. Each entry in the file (using the example in the comments in the file header) contains the image signature, the installed VisualWorks location, and (following a separator) the image version string. The first time a new Project is created for a new release/build the new signature entry will be appended to the file. If you re-install VisualWorks in a new location, or if/when you need to install multiple RC candidate builds (which all have the same image signature) :-) the LaunchPad will comment out the old entry and append a new correct one.

posted by James Robertson

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