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Build Tools for Smalltalk

August 29, 2010 15:24:05.000

Looks like Build tools for Smalltalk are finally starting to catch up. The Squeak/Pharo world has Gofer, the engineering team at Cincom has just released a project tool as part of the summer release (with more work in that direction to come), and Ernest Micklei pushed out a build tool for VA Smalltalk earlier this summer:

Melissa is a simple tool that can help in building development and runtime images in a continous integration environment. It is being used extensively to create daily builds for Smalltalk images. This post describes the steps to use Melissa for VA Smalltalk 8+

A lot of people yawn at these kinds of tools, but they are essential in order to reliably build applications. It's good to see activity here.

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posted by James Robertson

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