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Apple Winning the Long Flash Grind

June 8, 2010 10:25:33.000

It doesn't really matter that Android supports Flash, or whether Android based tablets do - Apple's major market share in the mobile space is driving change. Here's one developer's story, about why they are ditching Flash for their site:

Why? Because many of our employees and customers use iPhones. As it stood, the several Flash components on our home page either showed up as blank spaces on iPhones, or didn't provide the content we really wanted to deliver. We also anticipated a time when customers, the media, industry analysts and others would be viewing our pages on iPads -- perhaps even more so than on iPhones. In other words, we had to future-proof our site by removing Flash.

This is why I'm happy that I moved away from Wink (which uses Flash to drive the final screencast) back in 2008 - I managed to accidentally future-proof "Smalltalk Daily".

This is a decision I expect to see more of. Having two or more video formats is just too expensive (in terms of time, if not money). It's simpler to just drop out something that's HTML5 ready, like H.264.

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posted by James Robertson

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