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Non-Shocker - Facebook's Problems Limited to A-Listers

May 17, 2010 13:30:42.332

This doesn't surprise me a bit - Facebook is still growing, and the "backlash" over privacy is limited to a handful of overly self important A-Listers:

Facebook has had a net gain of 10 million active users since it announced a series of new features at f8, the company's April 21st developer conference. A few high profile tech bloggers may have quit the site, but not many other people have. The number of deactivations, according to a Facebook spokesperson, is about the same as it's been all along.

Outside of the upper reaches of the blogosphere, I haven't heard anyone talking about Facebook having a problem. Here's the bottom line: no else one cares. People seem to have a pretty good grasp of what Facebook is useful for, and they use it for those things. Here's a question: if you aren't a celebrity, how the heck else are you going to regain contact with people you went to school with for a reunion? Back when people tended to live where they grew up, this was a non-issue. Now?

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posted by James Robertson

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