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iPad to Best Buy

March 27, 2010 13:43:11.912

Spotted in Engadget

We'd heard buzzing for some time now around the internet that Apple planned to sell its iPad in more than just it's own stores, and usually the name Best Buy was mentioned in the same breath... but now we've got some photographic evidence. The above shot comes from what looks to be an internal memo from the big box retailer, not only stating that the stores will be getting the iPad, but that they'll be getting the iPad on launch day.

I'm not surprised - Best Buy has been a retailer for Apple products for awhile, and this makes all kinds of sense - Apple stores aren't everywhere, but Best Buy is - and for a lot of people, Best Buy is the default place to go look for electronics (me, I look to Amazon - but I'm an outlier)

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posted by James Robertson

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