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Smalltalk at CCSF

February 15, 2010 17:25:34.949

Cool - Doug Putnam is adding Seaside to the repetoire for his students doing an Ajax project:

And about that Seaside course— there isn't one yet. But it is on my TODO list for future courses at CCSF. For the time being, as part of my own Smalltalk education, I'll take this opportunity to complete the class project using Seaside. Since Smalltalk and Seaside are new to me, I'll be starting on the same page as my PHP and Ruby students. This will be fun. I'll be doing this project with Cincom Visualworks Non-Commercial which is free for non-commercial use on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Sounds like a fun project, with some useful comparisons (read the whole thing - he and his students are going to compare how much code was needed for each of the projects - PHP, Ruby, and Smalltalk).

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posted by James Robertson

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