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School's Out For.... Winter?

February 15, 2010 12:27:59.551

It's been over a week since the first big storm now, and nearly a week since the second. And schools are closed tomorrow anyway (today is a holiday). Why? Well, driving through the neighborhoods, the roads are really narrow - there are turns I don't know that a bus can make - like this older shot of some traffic calming (and there's still snow/ice in the middle of it now):

Snowy Turn

The sides of that segment are clear now, but there's still a thick line of snow and ice in the center - and it's just too narrow for a bus anyway; in good weather, they need to drive over the center median (which currently has over a foot of snow on it). Here's what it looks like in good weather, from the other end:

At the far end, the strip is like the foreground one, but without the stakes. Buses usually drive over the edge, given the room they have - but with the snow on the sides and median, that's not really possible. I have real doubts about school opening on Wednesday - because scenes like this are duplicated across the county...

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posted by James Robertson

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