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Making Storage Simpler

May 30, 2011 10:19:05.401

Sean DeNegris talks about simpler data storage:

In an enlightening blog post, Ramon Leon explains that most applications are designed for small businesses with small amounts of data. Therefore  most applications will never have to scale (i.e. become the next Twitter), so a relational database is overkill. However, persisting by simply saving the image is slow and error-prone.
Based on these ideas, he suggests a simple (one class) framework which saves only your model. The idea is to use it as long as you can get away with, which may be forever.
I packaged the code from the post, added a few tests, and put it on SqueakSource as SimplePersistence.

You have no idea how many security headaches I've avoided by using binary serialization to store the posts on this blog instead of a SQL Database. As with Sean's example, my storage needs are lightweight, and a relational database would be overkill. Not to mention being an attack vector....

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posted by James Robertson

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