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The View From Smallville

February 25, 2011 19:07:08.000

While I sympathize with this post by DHH, it suffers from an interesting case of myopia. Take this:

You no longer need a tech person at the office to man “the server room.” Responsibility for keeping the servers running has shifted away from the centralized IT department. Today you can get just about all the services that previously required local expertise from a web site somewhere.

If you assume that tmost of IT is email and shared folders, maybe. In truly large enterprises - like the one I work in now - it's more about large production databases with mission critical (sometimes classified as well, depending on the customer) data. You can't run that kind of thing on Amazon's RDS, or on BigTable.

DHH may be correct about small firms - it makes perfect sense for them to outsource nearly everything to the cliud in order to lower cost. For big enterprises though? DHH simply has no idea, probably through lack of experience in the subject.

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posted by James Robertson

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