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That Podcast 9: Two Endgames

November 11, 2010 18:53:07.154

That Podcast: FNV Diary

Welcome to episode 9 of "That Podcast: An FNV Diary" - a podcast where Michael Lucas-Smith and I document our trials and tribulations in Fallout: New Vegas.

On today's podcast, Michael and I talk about the two endgame scenarios we've run:

  • NCR Victory
  • Courier takeover of New Vegas

We also discussed the other endgame outcomes we intend to try out - which will get talked about on the next podcast!

You can subscribe in iTunes (or any podcatcher) using this feed, or this one for the AAC edition. You can get to the podcast directly in iTunes via this link. You can also go to the iTunes store and leave a comment, or join the Facebook Group and discuss the podcast.

If you want to download the podcast directly, I've provided it in three formats:

Got feedback? Send it to James. We'd really appreciate it if you head on over to iTunes and leave a comment - enjoy the podcast, and we'll see you in the wastelands!

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posted by James Robertson

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