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Finished Alan Wake

November 10, 2010 23:26:26.429

I just finished "The Writer" - the second (and apparently final) DLC for Alan Wake. It wasn't bad - like "The Signal", it uses the floating words in the air thing to activate stuff - and boy, doing that is the only way to survive a bunch of the encounters, because you'll get overwhelmed fast otherwise.

I liked the game, but I think Remedy didn't carry the episodic nature of the game far enough. They released the initial game on disc with 6 episodes, then came out with two DLC episodes. Here's what they should have done: released one episode, with the rest coming out as DLC. They could have sold the initial episode for the regular price, with the purchase getting you access to the other episodes as they came out. Had they planned that, they could have rolled an episode out every 2 weeks or so, and treated the entire thing like a serial. IMHO, that would have peaked interest a lot more.

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posted by James Robertson

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