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Media Search Fixed

August 18, 2010 16:35:34.189

It seems that the media search application on the Cincom Smalltalk website had some bad data in it. Or possibly bad handling of data depending on how you want to look at it. When I first created the application, I did a batch run over a bunch of blog posts to create the records in the PostgreSQL database the app uses. The problem? Some of the video and screencast posts use relative links for the show notes.

That's fine when the relative links are sitting on my Cincom blog; a link of blog?.... gets looked up just fine there. However, the media search app has a different root, so the show notes links for a decent number of the items were bad (225, to be exact). So... I created a small WebVelocity component, loaded it into the server, ran it, and had it search for and fix those links. Boom, done. You shouldn't see bad links for that stuff anymore.

Hat tip to James Savidge, who pointed the problem out to me.

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posted by James Robertson

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