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Industry Misinterpretations 200: Lesser Smalltalk

August 8, 2010 19:48:19.590

This week's podcast was recorded at the recent Camp Smalltalk event in London - I spent a few minutes with Alejandro Reimondo and Frank Lesser, talking about their Lesser Smalltalk project. It's been on the Smalltalk world's radar for awhile, since they started building a VM that could run VSE images and Dolphin images; they are now concentrating on VSE.

I have a longer video presentation from the event that I'll release in a week or two; the audio for this podcast is a bit rough, since there was a fair bit of background noise.

To listen now, you can either download the mp3 edition, or the AAC edition. The AAC edition comes with chapter markers. You can subscribe to either edition of the podcast directly in iTunes; just search for Smalltalk and look in the Podcast results. You can subscribe to the mp3 edition directly using this feed, or the AAC edition using this feed using any podcatching software. You can also download the podcast in ogg format.

To listen immediately, use the player below:

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posted by James Robertson

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