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Rock, Meet Hard Place

June 10, 2010 15:41:30.000

The new iPhone, along with the iPad, is set to put AT&T's network into a bad place:

Pity AT&T and their troubled data network. While previous iPhones' data usage was largely confined to static webpages, simple apps and maybe the occasional song streamed through Pandora, the just-announced iPhone 4's (available June 24) hunger can best be described in one word: video. In other words: If you thought the iPhone was a data-hog before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

There's going to be an obvious disconnect between what you can do on the phone (stream HD from Netflix), and what AT&T is prepared to allow you to do. If Verizon didn't have motivation to get LTE rolled out before, they sure do now.

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posted by James Robertson

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