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June 3, 2010 17:26:28.000

With the rationales being offered by AT&T (and various consultants) for the changes to their data plans, I'm reminded of Vizzini's constant cry in "The Princess Bride":

But industry analysts said that when customers take “unlimited” literally, those plans rapidly become money losers for the companies — and lead to network congestion.

Gosh, how dare those pesky customers - taking the words the vendor used to describe the service seriously! Next thing you know, those pesky customers will also expect honest bills and polite service. The horror.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Inconceivable

[Arden] June 4, 2010 14:09:03.184

I would think ATT would try to endear customers while it has the iPhone exclusively. When they lose that, customers will leave if they don't feel the goodwill

Re: Inconceivable!

[W^L+] June 6, 2010 0:03:36.876


ost customers will probably stay. All mobile companies lie, and all have draconian breakup fees. For most people, it isn't worth leaving, possibly paying the fee, when the replacement service probably won't be much better.

I left ATT and went to Sprint, which has some level of service everywhere I've been. I'm glad I made that leap, but many of my coworkers would rather curse the darkness that is ATT's limited network than risk an unhappy experience with another carrier.

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