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There's that iTunes Thing

April 3, 2010 20:10:21.993


Okay so the iPad has a problem that lots of software has, when you finish the basic setup -- now what? There are no movies, newspapers or books on the device, and no clue as to how to get them on there. Those are the first things I want to do, see how it plays stuff. Maybe I'm wrong about that. I should disconnect and see what I get.

Dave Winer must be the only person on the planet who doesn't know that you use iTunes to get stuff onto the iPad - either directly from the iTunes app on the device, or via synching from your computer.

posted by James Robertson


Re: There's that iTunes Thing

[anonymous] April 3, 2010 22:21:22.462

David is confused because Apple doesn't ship devices full of CrapWare. Perhaps if this was from microsoft you'd have 10GB of crap you now are attempting to delete.

Re: There's that iTunes Thing

[anonymous] April 4, 2010 15:31:34.636

Actually ITunes isn't all that intuitive and Dave Winer certainly makes some good points about this. I don't think I'd want an IPad given the various constraints that I'm reading about.

Re: There's that iTunes Thing

[james Robertson] April 4, 2010 22:14:50.716

While iTunes has problems (like all software), it's not that hard to figure out. It works pretty much like every other Apple app around.

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