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Strange Windows Under Parallels Behavior

March 25, 2010 7:21:11.751

After the last update of Parallels (Version 5.0.9344.558741), I noticed a really weird thing happening with file system access - quite often, I wasn't able to write to the working directory. This is a Windows 7 VM, with shared directories -meaning, "Documents and Settings" is actually "Documents" on the Mac. A reboot of the VM seemed to mostly deal with that, but VisualWorks still has problems. If I try to run an image from the shared area, I get really bizarre results - the UI Painter acts like it generates multiple methods, for instance, but they end up looking like one method - and attempting to edit code fails badly.

I'm thinking that the file system isn't responding to VW as VW thinks it should. If I use a non-shared area - I created a new folder under the virtual "C" drive - it all works fine. I wonder if anyone else has seen anything like this, and has an answer...

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posted by James Robertson

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