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What's New in WebVelocity 1.1

August 5, 2010 17:43:44.307

WebVelocity 1.1 is shipping now to our commercial customers; the non-commercial version will be available for download shortly. What's new? A whole lot of cloud support for your web apps:

  • Supports Firefox 3, Safari and Chrome for development. IE can be used for deployed apps.
  • Integrates with industry standard databases, such as MySQL, SQLlite, Oracle, SQLServer, and MS Access
  • Integrates with industry standard Javascript libraries, such as JQuery and Scriptaculous
  • Develop and deploy on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Full support for Amazon's EC2 and RDS. We have an Amazon instance prepared to get you started fast
  • Vastly improved code editing
  • Collaborative editing features, making it easy for multiple developers to see and share the same code

I'm in the process of updating the screencasts for WebVelocity right now; subscribe to Smalltalk Daily, or keep checking back on the main WebVelocity video page for updates.

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posted by James Robertson

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