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Chris Plante is Unclear on the Concept

June 23, 2013 13:11:45.465

From Polygon:

Microsoft fumbled the messaging, and its reversal on policy is the company taking a timeout to regroup on the sidelines. Many commentators were quick to begrudge the company for excising the few positive points of the original policy: the ability to share games with up to 10 family members; the freedom to maintain a game library in the cloud; and the ability to trade digital games, an option unavailable in any other digital marketplace.

Fret not: Those perks, and presumably more, will appear on the Xbox One. They are future leverage, the spoonful of sugar that will help the eventual DRM medicine go down.

Apparently, the idea of having separate markets for disc based games and ones you've downloaded from a vendor is just a bridge too far for the small minds in the gaming press. First Gizmodo, now Polygon. Here's what we need: a game press that can rub two neurons together and come up with a new thought.

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posted by James Robertson

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