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What's New in VA 8.5.2

June 10, 2013 13:34:18.035

Looks like there's new stuff to cover on the screencasts -

  • Monticello Importer, integrated with ENVY
  • Code Completion added to inspectors
  • Better support for high latency WAN connections to ENVY
  • Packaging Instructions for Seaside (IC support)
  • Various Tool Improvements
  • TimeZone Support, in DateAndTime class - very seamless with existing code
  • Added System>>processId to get process ID from Windows
  • Rebar Control in the Composition Editor
  • Glorp updated to 0.4.190
  • Updated Web Services
  • Support for Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12
  • More online doc, including ST4U videos

What's Coming Next?

  • New Text Editor coming - atop Scintilla - exposes full Scintilla API to Smalltalk, used in browsers, inspectors, workspaces
  • Date and Time picker added from Windows common controls
  • Various Development Tool improvements
  • Some old limitations from EMSRV (multi-processor warnings on Windows, size limitations on Linux) removed.
  • Monticello Importer Refinements - relevant metadata arranged where it makes sense
  • Can prefix all windows with an image "short name" - so that multiple images are easily distinguished by the mark one eyeball
  • Cross development (build on one platform, deploy on another) improvements
  • Possibly Announcements and Roassal
  • HTTP Multipart message support (mostly for Seaside
  • Glorp updated to latest version in Cincom Smalltalk public repository
  • Installation with InstallShield (Windows), RPM (Linux)
  • Further out - GTK+ on Linux
  • Redesigned Change Browser and Merge Tools
  • Open SSL Wrappers (full)
  • IGC on 64 bit Smalltalk

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posted by James Robertson


Re: What's New in VA 8.5.2

[kilon] June 10, 2013 14:10:20.101

time for a stupid question . What is VA ?

Re: What's New in VA 8.5.2

[kilon] June 10, 2013 14:12:20.687

ignore my question, found it , sorry :(

Apparently I was not aware of VA Smalltalk existing, shows how much new to smalltalk I am :D

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