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Why SOPA Must Die

January 18, 2012 8:37:45.007


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SOPA (and the Senate version, Protect IP) aren't just a little bad; they make the DMCA look like reasonable legislation. What they set up is a system of prior restraint that would make publishing on the net nearly impossible for anyone but the wealthy and well connected. In what way, you ask?

In an attempt to stop "pirate" sites, the proposed law targets any site that has links to "illegal" content. Over the last few years, I've linked to many, many sites. Commenters have linked to many others. Over time, some of those domains change hands. Sometimes, a domain that was owned by an individual talking about Smalltalk gets bought up by a content farm. Bam - every post and comment that linked there would be a reason to not only shut down my site, but charge me with a felony. Under that kind of regime, who in their right mind would risk linking to anything? In one fell swoop, SOPA attempts to rewind the clock to the push only model of content coming from approved sources.

It gets worse though - using "circumvention" software would also be illegal. The way the law is written, editing your hosts file to route around the damage would be an illegal act.

If you like the open internet, check out Google's action page on this.

As part of all this, I'm not going to be posting a screencast (or anything else) today - this post will stay at the top of my site. Back to business tomorrow, but for now - don't just sit there. Help stop this pile of stupid.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Why SOPA Must Die

[anonymous] January 18, 2012 19:17:20.579

dang freaking straight! plus if we do stop SOPA and PIPA we get over $3,000,000 from google!

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