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Renaming is Dangerous

December 21, 2011 11:21:07.562

The rename of SqueakDBX to DBXTalk has run into a few interesting landmines:

Thanks for the tip. I was aware of the rename to DBXTalk, but not the change to ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver. The new site says "Welcome to SqueakDBX", and refers only to ConfigurationOfSqueakDBX. Further offtopic but perhaps of interest to others... The DBXTalk site was difficult to find. For me google results only show it on the second page. I lament for your sake the loss of the domain. You may have had better better results holding on to it for a couple of years coupled with a 301 redirect. As well as losing the immediate redirects from the existing links on other web sites, including your own, the cybersquatter now on may compromise the ranking of your new site, along with additional "content duplication/spam" reasons discussed here.

In internet terms, it pays to give the initial naming some thought - because changing it has its own issues.

posted by James Robertson

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