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Stuck in the Labyrinth

November 16, 2011 14:39:40.000

I'm playing Skyrim on both my XBox and my Mac (using Parallels), so my progress in both games is running about the same - I can't play on the XBox while I'm in Texas, and I mostly play the XBox when I'm home. On the PC game, I've been doing the mage college quest, looking for the Staff of Magnus - and I've gotten to this room in Labyrinthian:

I spent about 20 minutes (at an absurdly late hour last night) staring at that room and at the map, trying to figure out where to go. I guess the name has meaning :)

Most engaging game ever, by the way - listen to our podcast, and go buy it!

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Stuck in the Labyrinth

[anonymous] November 16, 2011 16:33:14.332

there's a tunnel right were the screenshots right edge finishes..

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