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Smalltalk Harbour Reaches First Version Milestone

August 14, 2011 18:56:32.123

I saw this on the ESUG mailing list:

We are pleased to announce the first version of SmallHarbour.

SmallHarbour is a public fork of SeasideHosting, running on top of Pharo, Seaside and Cog - driven by Romain Verduci and Laurent Laffont for ESUG SummerTalk 2011.

The main goals are:

  • people should be able to (easily) setup their own web application deployment platform
  • provide a public service for hosting web applications.
  • be able to setup a web application without Smalltalk knowledge in one click.

Actually SmallHarbour support Pharo and Seaside, but we expect to support Iliad and AidaWeb framework soon.

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posted by James Robertson

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