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Discovering Smalltalk at ESUG 2011

August 14, 2011 11:33:54.487

Stephanne Ducasse will be giving a free "Intro to Smalltalk" lecture before ESUG 2011 opens at the site Saturday, August 20:

Discovering Smalltalk Smalltalk is a pure and elegant object language. This lectures will cover the fundamental aspects of Smalltalk: syntax, semantics, and key aspects of the system. Doing so we will also revise the real semantics of self/super. We will show the power of polymorphism in action by simply learning from the system. Finally we will go into more design aspect again based on the systems. As a bonus we will start the lecture with a 15 min presentation of Seaside a powerful web framework for dynamic web application.
This lecture may be followed by a lecture on more advanced object-oriented design: law of demeter, encapsulation, multiple interface of classes, composition vs. inheritance
Starting time: 9h30 Closing: 16h00

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posted by James Robertson

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