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Better Inventory System for Skyrim?

August 5, 2011 9:29:54.443

This is a game I'm really looking forward to - and it sounds like some real thought has gone into the chokepoints of its predecessors:

"RPGs send you into menus more than almost any other game genre, so it's weird that more thought doesn't go into inventory design, but as I play around with powers, weapons and items to lighten my load it becomes clear that Skyrim is a welcome exception. Its nested menus are accessed almost as smoothly as iPad page swipes, and navigating them is quick and clean. You can set favorites, equip items to either hand, and examine things in detail. More than once during my brief hands-on I have to rotate an object to look for a clue to a puzzle, or read a document, and it's all done without going to a different screen or do anything more complex than wiggling sticks and hitting a face button. It's easy to imagine that a system like this in Oblivion or Fallout could have shaved hours off the average player's actual game-time.

I'm playing Oblivion now, and yes - you spend a lot of time in the inventory screens....

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posted by James Robertson

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