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Smalltalk in London

May 21, 2011 11:03:38.077

The UK Smalltalk Users Group is meeting on May 23rd - Got this on the ESUG mailing list:

The next meeting of the UK Smalltalk User Group will be on Monday, May 23rd.

Tim Mackinnon has recently started looking at JTalk - and how it translates Smalltalk to JavaScript as well as providing the familiar Smalltalk browsers in your web page. It's still a new project, but how does this approach compare to staying native? Come and join us for some interesting smalltalk on this topic.

In addition to this, Niall Ross will briefly update us on the upcoming ESUG conference 2011, in Edimburgh. Don't forget that the early registration is now open!

We'll meet in our usual venue - the Counting House, close to Bank Station, from 18:30 onwards.

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posted by James Robertson

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