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Smalltalk in Seattle

April 13, 2011 20:40:26.131

There's a Smalltalk user's group in Seattle again. No meetings scheduled yet - so if you're in Seattle and using Smalltalk, why not help out with that?

posted by James Robertson


Re: Smalltalk in Seattle

[Casey Ransberger] April 13, 2011 23:17:27.779

If you're interested in doing something with a technology even remotely related to Smalltalk, I'd love it if you came. While the focus will be around dynamic object systems, functional programming, object oriented databases, and in particular, Smalltalk, I want to keep the doors all the way open. Hack on a really awesome metaobject protocol for Forth in your spare time? Just come hang out. You can't talk about Smalltalk without talking about other languages too. Context matters!

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