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Seaside 3.0 for Dolphin

November 9, 2010 6:08:52.949

Looks like you can get your Seaside (3.0) fix for any Smalltalk now - here's news of the Dolphin port of Seaside 3:

I've ported the final release of Seaside 3. This version is like the previous (2.9) ported one year ago. Differences are on the portability layer and some configuration tools. Now Seaside uses Pharo's Grease. I think that Grease will contribute to make easy the job when porting other Frameworks related to Seaside or Pharo and currently ported to other Smalltalk dialects (Magritte, Pier, etc, I think will be funny porting both ;) Another difference is the Welcome application, very nice Welcome to newcomers!

Hat tip Torsten.

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posted by James Robertson

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