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Smalltalk Daily 10/05/10: Integrating with Google Calendar

October 5, 2010 7:45:30.715

Today's Smalltalk Daily looks at integrating a feed from Google calendar with the syndication handling code that is used in BottomFeeder. The code I used in the screencast is below - to load that code, get the packages GCal-Example2 and Syndication-Handling from the public store repository. Make sure to load the latest NetworkAppUtilities as well; the version that loads from disk is not the latest version. To skip to the video, click here.

"get the request token"
gAuth := AuthRequest 
	requestTokenFor: 'cl' 
	user: username
	password: password
	clientName: 'Cincom-VisualWorks-771'.

"get the response as XML"
serviceResponse := ServiceRequest
					makeRequestWith: gAuth 
					requestPrepObject: ExampleRequestPrep new.
xml := serviceResponse contents.

"get the feed object"
feed := Constructor getFeedFromStream: xml readStream.

If you can't see the embedded video directly, you can go directly to YouTube for it. To watch now, click on the viewer below:

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posted by James Robertson

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