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What About Revenues?

September 22, 2010 10:57:06.879

Jeff Jarvis only gives us part of the story on the "Times vs. WSJ" thing:

OK, but that’s half the story. It’s more like 10 percent of the story. For now shift to the future, the web, and comScore tells us that in July, The Times reached 43.6 million people online vs. the Journal’s 16.1 million. By the time you add in pass-around readers for the paper and de-dupe the same readers for print and online, those numbers might change, but the moral to the story doesn’t. The New York Times has roughly two and a half times more readers than the Journal. That translates to two and a half times more influence, two and a half times more relationships, a two-and-a-half-time bigger brand.

That's true, but - what are the revenue numbers? We know that the Times has been bleeding money and cutting staff; the online WSJ seems to be doing pretty well. I'm with jeff on the notion that print news is dead, and I like free stuff as well as the next guy - but my wife pays for an online subscription to the WSJ, as do a few other friends.

Those eyeballs might be nice for the NYT, but they don't end up paying the bills.

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posted by James Robertson

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