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Smalltalk Daily 09/16/10: Retrieving Email with Smalltalk

September 16, 2010 7:48:20.773

Today's Smalltalk Daily looks at retrieving email messages with POP3 from Cincom Smalltalk. The code used is below; to skip to the video, click here.

"login, get message list"
user := NetUser username: user password: password.
client := POP3Client host: ''.
client user: user.
client useSecureConnection.
list := client list.

"get the messages"
msgs := list collect: [:each | | num message |
	num := each messages.
	id := client retrieveMessageID: num.
	message := client retrieveMessage: num.
	id -> message].

"delete from server"
client deleteMessageIds: (msgs collect: [:each | each key]).

client disconnect.

If you can't see the embedded video directly, you can go directly to YouTube for it. To watch now, click on the viewer below:

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posted by James Robertson

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