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Cincom Smalltalk Summer Release: On the Way

August 16, 2010 13:53:53.266

The latest release of the Cincom Smalltalk suite are out: ObjectStudio 8.2.1, VisualWorks 7.7.1, and WebVelocity 1.1. There's a fair amount of new stuff, even though this is a point release - check the release notes for more. When the NC systems are ready for download, I'll let you know:

ObjectStudio 8.2.1:

  • Windows 7 Certified
  • Updated Modeling Tool
  • Updated Mapping Tool, bringing a tool level interface to the power of our Object/Relational framework
  • Built on top of VisualWorks 7.7.1, so that you have access to all the enterprise frameworks in both products

VisualWorks 7.7.1:

  • Improved 64 bit support for Solaris and Linux. Windows support is being built for the next release
  • Improved Mac OS X VM - faster and reliable
  • Overhauled memory management for the VM
  • New code comparison tool for Store
  • Continued incremental improvements to the GUI
  • Project Manager Tool to organize your development images
  • Many enhancements to our Oracle database support
  • Store now runs on top of GLORP
  • WSDL 2.0 support, including support for SOAP 1.2
  • Enhancements to our internationalization frameworks
  • Support for the SQLLite database
  • Preview support for Cair Graphics

WebVelocity 1.1:

  • Support for Amazon's cloud services: S3, EC2, RDS
  • An Amazon instance is available for you to experiment with
  • Built on Seaside 3.0
  • Completely new UI, built with JQuery
  • Support for coordinated development between remote developers via the browser
  • Seamless deployment of a headless system

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posted by James Robertson

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