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Smalltalk Daily 07/22/10: Better Transcript Reporting

July 22, 2010 9:04:05.207

Today's Smalltalk Daily looks at a small package that makes Transcript reporting simpler. If you can't watch the YouTube embed below, click here to go to the video now:

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Smalltalk Daily 07/22/10: Better Transcript Reporting

[Bob Nemec] July 22, 2010 9:18:47.117

We've had that feature for years, but our method is #echo ... I think that's a better method name.

We also have #echo: anObject, which appends anObject's echo string to the receiver, separated with a space. You can write...

#(a b c) echo: 123

...instead of...

(#(a b c) printString, 123 printString) echo.

And the #cr is sent before the output string, so it's always on a new line.

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