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Simplicity = Productivity

May 24, 2010 15:32:00.660

A few simple concepts, along with consistent application, goes further than tons of "features":

Smalltalk seems like a good environment for learning better OO design, but it makes you wish Java or whatever you’re using were as fast, easy and simple. Apart from the libraries, there isn’t much difference in capability, yet the one is so much simpler and more expressive. It also makes me hate Gosling a little bit more. If the only thing he took from Lisp was garbage collection, and he took the single-inheritance idea from Smalltalk, he’s an a******because Smalltalk also has garbage collection. It’s like saying you have a dish that incorporates Thai and Greek cuisines, and that the Thai aspect was using chicken.

Heh - I like the way he described that. Read the whole thing :)

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posted by James Robertson

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