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How the Like Thing Works

April 22, 2010 12:12:54.878

I got a question about the new "like" button - specifically, why "liking" the news stream entry on Facebook doesn't reflect back to the blog (and vice versa).

Well, that's because the two things aren't really linked. Here's how the news stream entries land on Facebook:

  • I post to my blog
  • The server auto-tweets the post for me (to Twitter)
  • I have my Twitter stream linked to my facebook news stream, so that anything I tweet lands in the Facebook news stream

Which means that the blog post and the news entry on Facebook are not the same item. Adding a "like" to one will not add a "like" to the other. To get the two linked, I'd have to do some investigation of the FB api, and see if it would even be reasonably possible :)

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posted by James Robertson

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