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iPad Shortage?

April 14, 2010 10:18:02.743

So is this an actual shortage of iPads, or the kind of clever rationing that Nintendo did with the Wii to make sure that demand was always kept on edge?

Although we have delivered more than 500,000 iPads during its first week, demand is far higher than we predicted and will likely continue to exceed our supply over the next several weeks as more people see and touch an iPad(TM). We have also taken a large number of pre-orders for iPad 3G models for delivery by the end of April.

Apple runs a pretty tight ship, as does Nintendo. I'm guessing that this is a carefully orchestrated marketing plan in action.

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posted by James Robertson


A Tactic

[anonymous] April 14, 2010 11:16:33.208

James, I doubt this is a marketing plan since it is linked to a month delay for the rest of the world.

They are losing substantial early adopters sales over here and the competition have their own anti-ipad hype ready then.

On the plus side, I hope that the devices that make their way over here are of a silent second revision with fewer issues.

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