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Flash End Run

April 14, 2010 9:08:00.638

Looks like there may be an end-run solution to the "no flash for you" problem that doesn't involve a client level (iPhone or iPad) solution - RipCode has a cloud based transcoder:

RipCode, Inc., the leader in transactional transcoding, announced today its newest product, the TransAct Transcoder V6 can intercept Adobe Flash-based file or live video requests and convert them to a container, video codec, and audio codec accepted by Apple Inc.’s new iPad all transparently to the end user device and without the need for any pre-transcoding or device-based client.

For that to work on the client, either back end services (like, say, hulu) would have to cooperate, or RipCode would have to build a client that did the redirection through their servers. Since the client would be fully native, it might be hard for Apple to reject it with a straight face (not that they've been stopped by that before). If sites that use flash did the work though, it would all come transparently through the browser.

I wonder whether Adobe will be talking to these guys?

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posted by James Robertson

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