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Annals of Customer Service

April 7, 2010 10:12:20.556

Verizon is all about Process:

Five minutes later, my Internet stopped working. I called FiOS tech support. “You placed an order for new service, so of course we had to shut off your old service,” they helpfully explained. When would the Internet that I was already paying for be restored? “You’re scheduled for an install on April 9th.” So the upgrade process has a designed-in two-day service outage? “No. Sometimes people are cut off for a week or more.”

Ultimately, this is how all large entities - private or public - end up. The process is more important than the product, and the employees are highly incented to follow the process. Heck, sometimes the only real chance of a penalty is in not following the process.

Small is better, IMHO.

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posted by James Robertson

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