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Think and Doublethink

March 28, 2010 10:20:21.480

Ahh, the perverse world of "intellectual property - Sony just shutdown Beyonce's YouTube site for "piracy". How an artist could be pirating their own music is an exercise left to the insane. INtellectual Property law has moved from farce to utterly absurd...

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Think and Doublethink

[anonymous] March 29, 2010 19:10:18.649

I assume Ms. Knowles (I refuse to call self-important stars by their silly one-name monikers) signed away her rights to this music, and those rights are now owned ecslusively by Sony. Assuming that is the case, what is the big deal? The lesson here should be - don't sign away your rights to your creations.

Is it not the case that all software developed at Cincom, using Cincom resources, is solely and exclusively owned by Cincom? Or can engineers walk away with portions of the code and call it their own?

Re: Think and Doublethink

[james Robertson] March 29, 2010 23:09:07.862

Except.... YouTube Videos are what some of us call publicity. Which I've heard helps sell stuff.

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