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Blue SmokeMobile Passes Emissions

March 24, 2010 11:00:03.191

I waited right up to the due date for my latest run at Maryland's emissions check for the Mirage (now 21 years old). When I got there, there was a line, so to prevent any blue smoke from having them wave me off, I just turned the car off while I waited. When I got the car up there, I discovered that the treadmill test was gone - new cars just have their onboard computers read (lots of chances for gaming the system there) - my car, being old, had to idle with a reader stuffed in the tailpipe. It doesn't smoke when I give it gas, so that went fine - and then two awesome things happened:

  • Their system was confused, so they didn't charge me for the visit
  • The car passed

Which is cool, because now I don't have to pay the "$450 try to get it fixed" workaround :)

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posted by James Robertson

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