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Whither Hulu?

January 22, 2010 17:17:34.830

Spotted in Engadget

the latest idea being thrown around is to charge a $5 per month subscription for access to older shows. A quick search of Hulu just showed that only the past four or five episodes of newer shows are currently available, so charging for older shows means new access to additional content. We have to say that offering additional programming above and beyond what is currently free is a pretty good strategy, but the other one we'd like to see is a premium option to view content commercial free

I like the idea of making older stuff available for a fee - there are plenty of shows I'd consider watching - but I just can't get back to episode 1, so "why bother" is my response. If Hulu made it easy and affordable to go back and start from the beginning, that would be great.

For that matter, I'd love it if older shows that aren't on Hulu (like Buffy) got there too, even for a fee. There have been times that I've had a hankering to see the finale of season 5, or the "Bored Now" Willow episode :)

posted by James Robertson


Re: Whither Hulu?

[anonymous] January 23, 2010 13:14:26.920

Netflix is your friend

Re: Whither Hulu?

[James Robertson] January 23, 2010 14:22:01.651

We got Netflix when we got the XBox; it's been good so far

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