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Sears... I Should Know Better

January 14, 2010 17:03:25.859

You know, I should really know better than to buy anything that involves a service visit from Sears. After all, there's all of this history.

Sigh. We bought a new dishwasher last week, because ours has been doing a terrible job, even after a repair recently. installation was scheduled today between 2 and 5. That's fine; I work out of the house, so there wasn't any issue that way. However....

it's now 5:01 PM, and nothing. I called the local number, and got their "closed for the day" answering machine (that's the contractor, not Sears). So I called Sears. That was moving along untill they tried to transfer me, at which point they dropped the call. So, it's back to the phone.

I wonder how long this saga will last?

Update: The installers showed up at 5:30 with the new dishwasher, and it's going in now. So the main question is, how frakking hard would a short "we'll be late" phone call have been?

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Sears... I Should Know Better

[anonymous] January 14, 2010 21:10:38.037

Which part of "KitchenAid" did you have a problem with?

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