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Which Century Does Greyhound Live In?

September 27, 2011 23:58:34.725

I got a call from my daughter - her school basically closes down for a few days for the upcoming Jewish holidays, and she decided to come home - we looked into Greyhound. That's when the hilarity ensued, at least for some types of hilarity.

Try this: visit any airline website, or a site like Expedia. See if you can buy a ticket at any time of day. Gosh, it works. Now try looking into buying a Greyhound bus ticket at a time when one of the stations involved is closed for the day.

Not having noticed that the web is a 24x7 thing, they don't allow that. So... do they run little courier sacks between stations to handle the transactions? Do they have a teletype machine at the back of each station spewing out orders? Are they just stupid?

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Which Century Does Greyhound Live In?

[W^L+] September 28, 2011 0:48:27.951

Having ridden Greyhound, I think everyone should do it once. Once is enough.

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