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This is Easier?

June 11, 2010 14:31:29.045

One of the things I always liked about Windows was the way that mnemonic keys were obvious - there's a little underline. Well, you can tell from that statement that I went straight from XP to Windows 7 (I use a VM under Parallels when I need Windows) - because the default now is to hide the underscores.

Seriously? What complete moron at Microsoft thought that was a good idea?

They normally only show up when you press the "alt" key, which at least makes them visible (if harder to notice). If you want the correct settings, you have to open control panel and follow this path:

Control Panel
Ease of Access
Ease of Access Center
Make the keyboard easier to use

Then, check the box labeled "Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys". Jeebus. Am I supposed to know what the accelerator keys are through a mind meld with the designer, or what? And yes, this is something that, IMHO, the Mac gets wrong. Show me the damn shortcut keys.

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posted by James Robertson

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