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The Great Non-Event

December 26, 2010 16:14:06.192

Well, the storm missed us by that much (imagine two fingers really close to each other :) )

NYC, Philly, and other points north? Looks like they get a big one.

posted by James Robertson


Re: The Great Non-Event

[Jo] December 26, 2010 19:52:57.670

And VA got plenty--at least Williamsburg did.

Re: The Great Non-Event

[Tom Sattler] December 29, 2010 8:41:17.930

Not such a non-event for us. We got about two feet on Long Island. But of course, it depends exactly where you are standing. At the base of our driveway, it was about three feet deep. On our brick patio in back of our house, it's completely clear. Just depends on the wind currents.

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